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Men’s Grooming Kit

Men’s Grooming Kit


You spend so much time creating the perfect brow, shouldn’t your man do the same? With our men’s eyebrow kit, he’ll be able to shape, trim, and keep his eyebrows and facial hair on point.

Create a Put Together Look

Gone are the days of bushy eyebrows and overgrown facial hair. This men’s facial hair grooming kit can help your guy trim, pluck, and make his eyebrows, beard, and mustache look better than ever.

Our ingenious combination comb and slanted tweezers makes it easy for anyone to keep their facial hair in check without having any unnecessary tools. Use the stainless steel comb to brush the brows upward or mustache downward, snip the tips, and smooth everything back into place. Use the tweezer end to pluck any stray nose, eyebrow, or beard hairs between grooming sessions.

This men’s eyebrow kit also includes stainless steel brow scissors that feature softgrip handles and are easy to use for trimming and shaping. It’s that simple.

Just the Essentials

Whether your man is just getting started with facial hair priming and grooming or he’s spent hours perfecting the perfect balance of facial hair, you’ll both like this men’s facial hair grooming kit.

Get all the essentials for creating the perfect mainly brows (without having anything you don’t need) with our no-fuss men’s eyebrow kit.
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