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Nordic Brow Pencil

Nordic Brow Pencil


Nordic Mechanical EyeBrow Pencil

Are you tired of trying to find a mechanical eyebrow pencil that works great with your blonde hair? This is the pencil for you! It provides you with precision and an easy-to-blend formula that will work with all light hair and skin tones.

Formulated to Blend and Build

At Billion Dollar Brows, we’ve created cruelty-free eyebrow cosmetics that will give you long-lasting results but are still easy to wash off at the end of the day. We’re also committed to developing high-quality and professional formulas. That’s why our twist up eyebrow pencil for blonde hair glides on easily and blends in perfectly.

This mechanical eyebrow pencil is made of a buildable formula. Use a heavier hand for a darker, bolder appearance or a lighter touch for a more subtle, everyday look. You can even combine each of our different shades to get the perfect color for your complexion and hair!

No Need for Sharpening

You won’t have to remember to sharpen your eyebrow pencil when it gets low either. With the mechanical twist design, this pencil is always ready to use and doesn’t require any extra tools.

In addition to the convenience that comes from having a mechanical eyebrow pencil, you can use the spoolie end to blend your eyebrows out and make sure they look natural while still managing to keep the definition.

Jump start your journey to beautiful brows with our premium brow makeup!

SKU: B2984
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