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Ulu Nude Face Cleaning Pads - pack of 3
  • Ulu Nude Face Cleaning Pads - pack of 3

    C$25.00 Regular Price
    C$20.00Sale Price

    Introductory Special!!  Ulu Nude Face Cleansing Pads are reusable makeup removing pads that can be washed up to 200 times. Made with amazing microscopic fibers you can gently remove skin impurities and makeup with just water! Replace expensive and toxic makeup wipes and lessen the burden on the environment with Ulu Nude Face Pads. 1. Simply dampen the Nude face pad with warm water2. Gently wipe over face to erase every trace of makeup 3. Rinse with water after use; or to remove makeup from the pad and prevent staining, use soap, rinse and hang to dry4. Machine wash with light colours for best results and to retain shape hang to dry

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