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Universal Brow Pencil

Universal Brow Pencil


Use the Universal Brow Pencil to make sure your brows are filled in perfectly. Our formula is a creamy pomade that glides on with ease and blends into natural brows effortlessly. Our formula is soft enough to avoid any pulling or tugging.

Our universal brow pencil also includes a spoolie at the end to make blending even easier!

A Brow Product for Most Skin Tones

At Billion Dollar Brows, our brow experts work endlessly to create a perfect blend of shades to get the best color for our brow concealer pencil. The pencil works well for most skin types and complexions. You’ll always look put together with this precise brow pencil. It packs a lot of punch for a low maintenance product!

Beginners and Pros Will Enjoy This Pencil

The pencil is a great option for beginners and experts alike. Fill in your brows without worrying about using other products or following a complicated routine when you’re just getting started. The Universal Brow Pencil is also a great addition to your beauty collection if you’re a brow pro.

Start your brow journey now with our lineup of beautiful brow products.

SKU: B2983
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